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Personal statements were only ever made for you to feel uncomfortable and largely to make you sit there for hours wondering how you can sell yourself. As I sit here writing version 264 I have decided that I will not be writing a rhetorical statement. I will instead list the things I like.

My glasses, food (of the meaty variety), Grafik, the Observer, love, music (genres unspecified), trainers, jeans, simplicity, minimal confusion, Digital Arts magazine, swimming, running, yo-yos, clip-art,, cloudy apple juice, Rob Ryan, Lawrence Zeegen, Andy Gilmore, coffee, my GF Krissy, lamb chops from the Mirch Masala, Radio 6, Wacom, iPhones (but I don’t have one), badgers and otters though partial to a stoat. Humorous people. Oh, and graphic design.

D&AD HG Wells Book Covers
Cyber Bullying Campaign
Darwinism Vs Creationism