Josefine Gustavsson +44 (0)7914 216

Visual experimentation mixed with photography is a key element of my practice. Concepts and visuals are developed with the aim to work across a variety of platforms and my projects often lend themselves to print and moving image. Materials are always chosen in accordance to the brief.

I enjoy working away from computers in the beginning of the design process, since it encourages experimentation that can lead to unexpected discoveries. Work that is solely produced through the means of a computer can become lifeless and uninspired, something I want to stay away from in my design. However, I do not disregard digital methodology in my working process. Animations are put together through the help of computer software, photos are retouched, colours adjusted and so on.

While I was working on the projects that you can see here, I forgot about time and space for a moment. That is when it all happens.

HG Wells Book Cover Design
Window Interplay