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On entering the Design for Print pathway I viewed it, and still do as
an exciting prospect for my personal development in graphic design. My enthusiasm spawned from the idea that on this pathway I may be able to find a balance between a digital and analogue approach to design.

One of my main concerns about my field is that it is becoming increasingly hard to produce original ideas, especially without the key knowledge of traditional and yet relevant print methods that are slowly becoming redundant. Although the advancement of technology has made many things considered impossible a few years back now accessible, it is in my personal opinion and understanding that certain areas of craftsmanship should be preserved and utilized. The knowledge of my tutors and mentors have helped me to look beyond the current climate of design that surfaces commercially and acquire skills that allow to deliver my work with taste and impact.

In the professional environment, design compromises are often made due to a number of outside pressures – usually being money. I strive to at best find a happy medium, where the need for financial stability and creative expression are satisfied equally.

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