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Future Living is a self initiated brief based on the ideologies of 1960s Brutalist architecture and its impact on social housing and planning in comparison to high culture projects such as The Barbican.

I have focused on the stigma of estate living and the treatment of residents as faceless units. Using Thamesmead Estate (perhaps one of the most ambitious and catastrophic housing projects of the 1960s) as inspiration, the black hoods worn by individuals rob them of their identity whilst associating them with the buildings themselves through their similar structure.

The Future Living publication is based strongly on the original catalogue for Thamesmead, but subverts the optimistic original through new imagery and damning texts taken from JG Ballard’s High Rise and Lynsey Hanley’s Estates. The result is a comment on the failings of a radical form of architecture and its impact on modern day living.

Future Living
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